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Prints are available in a wide variety of sizes & are produced on the highest quality photo papers. If you would like a print which is larger than the ones available on the pricelist, please send me an e-mail & I will check availability & send you a quote. Prints are available up to A0!


Prints are available with frame mounts. These high quality gold/silver trimmed frames are available in: brown, black & grey. Please state which colour you would like when making a purchase.


A relatively new medium, canvas prints are an excellent way to show off your pets portraits in your home. The canvas wraps around a wooden frame & comes ready to hang. The colours are vibrant & the detail is very sharp, they are truly striking. Canvases are available in a huge variety of shapes & sizes, ranging upto a staggering 79 inches!!


If you would like a portrait or perhaps an action picture of your pets at their most natural, I will gladly come around to your home & take a selection of photogrpahs for you. It doesn't even have to be at home, it could be a favourite forest walk, beach, park etc etc. Depending on how much your pet like photographers, this can be a very quick process but if not then we'll keep going until we have some great pictures. Once we have enough photographs I will download them onto my laptop so you can view them instantaiously. You are free to have a look & choose your favourite picture. Then all you have to do is choose your preffered medium (canvases are beautiful) & picture size. After that, I will be in touch with the finished product.

Please contact me to arrange a suitable time for a photoshoot.


If you see a photograph that you would like to purchase but would perhaps like it in a different style, I can perform alterations to suit your desire. Some of the more popular adjustments are:

Black & White
Sepia Toning ( black & white with 1 colour)
Removal of distracting items

If you have a favourite image perhaps from a magazine that you would like me to duplicate the effect with your photograph, then please feel free to ask if this is possible. In some cases there will be limitations as to what can be done so please contact me to discuss the alterations.

Due to the possible time involved in manipulating an image, there may be a small charge for artwork.


You can purchase the JPEG files individually to use as you wish. Different sizes are available depending on wether you need an image for use on the internet (facebook for example) or for printing. A detailed description can be found in the price list.

If you would like to purchase a JPEG image you should select the image and size the price list and complete the checkout process. The image will then be sent to your e-mail address.


4 x 6 Print 4.50
4 x 6 Framed 6.00
5 x 7 Print 5.00
5 x 7 Framed 6.50
6 x 8 Print 7.00
6 x 8 Framed 8.50
6 x 9 Print 8.00
6 x 9 Framed 9.50
8 x 10 Print 10.00
8 x 10 Framed 11.50
8 x 12 Print 13.00
8 x 12 Framed 14.50
12 x 24 Panoramic Print 22.00
13 x 36 Panoramic Print 26.00
12 x 18 Print 16.00
A2 Laminated Poster 36.00
A1 Laminated Poster 42.00
A0 LAminated Poster 50.00

Artwork per hour 10.00
Canvas Delivery: Aberdeenshire 10.00
Canvas Delivery: Non-Aberdeenshire 20.00

8 x 10 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 40.00
8 X 12 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 43.00
12 x 16 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 70.00
12 x 20 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 75.00
12 x 24 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 85.00
12 x 36 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 90.00
14 x 20 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 85.00
14 x 24 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 87.00
14 x 28 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 92.00
16 x 20 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 85.00
16 X 24 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 95.00
16 X 28 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 105.00
16 X 36 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 120.00
40 x 60 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 500.00
51 x 79 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 600.00

12 X 12 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 60.00
14 x 14 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 70.00
16 x 16 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 80.00
20 x 20 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 95.00
24 x 24 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 110.00
36 x 36 Canvas **COLLECTION ONLY** 130.00

Large JPEG (4288 x 2848) 19.99
Medium JPEG (2859 x 1899 ) 13.99
Small JPEG (1029 x 684) 4.99


Stephen Hammond Photography - SHP. Aberdeenshire based equine & animal photographer.

for all your equine events including: dressage, showjumping, x-country, showing & many more.

e-mail: stepham10@hotmail.com    mob: 07834954592